Tucker Carlson: 'Stupid' and 'vulnerable' teen would 'make a good wife'


New recordings surfaced showing Fox's Tucker Carlson joking about sexual assault on a teenage girl.

More audio recordings have surfaced of Fox News prime-time host Tucker Carlson, now of him making offensive comments about an underage woman.

In the recordings, discovered by Media Matters for America and published by NowThis News, Carlson makes crude comments about having sex with a teenage beauty pageant contestant while insulting her cruelly.

Discussing a contestant in the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant with one of the host of the "Bubba the Love Sponge Show," Carlson said, "She's like, she's vulnerable. She's like a wounded gazelle, separated from the herd."

The host speculated that the young woman could be having sex with the host of the pageant, Mario Lopez, and said, "she was 17." He then asked Carlson, "Couldn't that be a problem legally if Mario fucked it?"

"No," Carlson replied, seeing no problem with a man having sex with an underage woman. "The normal laws for that kind of thing don't apply to him. He gets a pass."

Carlson later speculated on the program that the 17-year-old would "probably be a pretty good wife" and that he was "thinking about tapping my foot next to her stall." That is a reference to the practice of soliciting sex in bathrooms, which former Republican Sen. Larry Craig was arrested for the same year Carlson made the comment.

The comments on the new recording are similar to earlier comments from Carlson that had the conservative calling women "primitive" and defending the child rape practiced by cult leader Warren Jeffs.

Carlson also spoke on the same show about wanting a presidential candidate who would promise to kill Muslims. The Fox host also asserted white supremacy, arguing that "white men" should get credit for "creating civilization."

After the comments were publicized Carlson lashed out at critics and said he would not apologize or back down and noted that he had the full support of the right-wing outlet.

Fox News' history backs him up. The network, founded by former Nixon aide and serial sexual assailant Roger Ailes, was designed to be a promoter of conservative ideals and candidates while it tore down progressive politics and Democrats.

To further that mission Fox regularly promotes racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry. It has been a massive backer of Donald Trump, and through Carlson's program, promoted Trump's brand of white supremacy.

Thanks to its close relationship to Trump (Carlson's prime time companion Sean Hannity functions as a shadow White House chief of staff), the Democratic Party recently announced Fox would be excluded from hosting its debates.

Carlson is a perfect fit for Fox. His hateful commentary and his disgusting fantasies about sexual assault are right in line with the organization's core values. They deserve each other.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.