Even Fox News is laughing at Trump's ridiculous military parade


Trump also earned himself "a collective eye roll from military leaders" at the Pentagon.

Donald Trump's demand for a military parade has blown up in his face, as even his own Pentagon leaders are saying the display would reek of despotism.

Trump's order sparked a blistering backlash, prompting the administration to walk back claims. At Wednesday's White House daily briefing, Trump Defense Secretary James Mattis unenthusiastically fended off questions about the parade, and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to denying that Trump had made such an order.

But on Fox News, national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that Trump had indeed obsessed about the parade during a Jan. 18 meeting at the Pentagon and on the plane ride home, which is when the planning began.

Griffin also reported that Trump wanted a military display at his inauguration, but was "dissuaded because the tank treads would tear up Pennsylvania avenue."

Anchor Shep Smith noted, "It's more than that, isn't it? You have to get them in there somehow, and don't the light posts have to come up? How about the bridges? A lot to think about, including D.C. council, this morning, that put a 'no tanks' sign up there."

"And also, there's the fact that they'd be taken out of training, it would be very costly at a time when defense budgets are a real issue," Griffin added.

"I would describe, however, the reaction at the Pentagon yesterday, when this story broke, as a collective eye roll from military leaders who I've spoken to," Griffin said. "Most thought it was a joke at first, many fear that the U.S. will look like the dictators they scoff at around the world."

That reaction echoes many of the public criticisms of Trump's militaristic fantasies,  including those from retired military leaders.

Unfortunately, Trump has a long history of openly fantasizing about a Soviet-style military review. Now he has a history of his own military leadership pointing and laughing at him behind his back.

Hopefully that's enough to spare this country the embarrassment of having such a parade actually take place.