Fox's Laura Ingraham bullied Parkland teens and it blew up in her face


How many advertisers will now drop the toxic host?

Laura Ingraham has suddenly put her Fox News advertisers at risk after the primetime host needlessly mocked a Parkland, Florida, mass murder survivor on Twitter.

After being the target of Ingraham's demeaning attack, Parkland's David Hogg on Wednesday night urged his Twitter followers to contact the Fox host's advertisers:

Ingraham might dismiss the emerging ad boycott. But both Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck lost their Fox News jobs after advertisers abandoned their shows when the hosts because embroiled in controversies. O'Reilly mistreated women co-workers, and Beck called President Barack Obama a "racist" who hates white people.

The white nationalist site Breitbart has also lost a huge number of advertisers, as companies steer clear of hate content.

Ingraham's show airs at 10 p.m., a time slot Fox News dominated for years. But she now often finishes in second place, behind Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.

Ingraham's self-inflicted wound comes six weeks after 17 people were killed at the school massacre. Today, right-wing talkers like Ingraham are leading a toxic smear campaign against the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who have sparked a national movement to counter gun violence in America.

No longer even debating the merits of gun safety, GOP attack dogs now seem weirdly obsessed with demeaning the Florida teens. On Wednesday, Ingraham actually mocked Hogg for being rejected from several colleges and universities where he applied before the gun safety movement emerged.

Her ugly tweet was widely condemned for being pointlessly rude and noxious:

Hogg's sister, Laura, went on Twitter and demanded to know why Melania Trump, a supposed White House ally in the war on cyber bullying, wasn't speaking out against the attack on her brother.

Ingraham has a long history of trying to shut down debates that the GOP is losing, and trying to shut up popular spokespeople.

Earlier this year, she attacked NBA LeBron James for being "barely intelligible," when he critiqued the Republican Party. "Must they run their mouths like that?" she asked.

Major advertisers may soon be asking the same question about Ingraham.

Update: After advertisers started to drop Ingraham's show on Thursday, the Fox News host was shamed into posting an apology to David Hogg on Twitter.