Georgia Sen. David Perdue: It's fine for Trump to incite violence against my governor


Georgia election officials have reported violent threats against them and their families after Trump's attacks, which stem from his anger over the 2020 results.

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) on Wednesday defended Donald Trump's baseless attacks on the governor and secretary of state of Georgia.

Asked by Fox News if his runoff election has been made more difficult by Trump's statements, Perdue said that was "absolutely not" the case and said Trump was "exercising his right" in objecting to the results.

Trump lost to Biden in Georgia by over 12,000 votes in results that have been certified three times, including after a recount of the results.

He has since repeatedly attacked Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, pushing him to overturn the state's results and undo the will of the voters.

As Kemp has resisted the pressure campaign, Trump has gone after the governor again and again, including a recent call for Kemp's resignation.

Trump has also targeted Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (a Republican), falsely alleging that his brother "works for China" and is part of a conspiracy to deny Trump an election win.

Georgia election officials have subsequently reported a spike in violent threats against them and their families, largely as a result of Trump's attacks.

From the Dec. 30 edition of Fox News' "Fox & Friends":

GRIFF JENKINS, Fox News: Senator, has your race been made more difficult by President Trump's constant criticism and browbeating of your governor and secretary of state?


DAVID PERDUE: Absolutely not. I think that what the president's doing is actually exercising his right.


There are implied inaccuracies in the count down here and the way this election was – look, we went from 5% absentee ballots to over 30% absentee ballots in November, and we know there are potentially some improprieties there and the president has done nothing but asking for some questions to be answered.


That's what we've been doing, we've been to the courts and tried to do that, but my total focus, I think the president's as well, right now in these closing days of this runoff election here in Georgia, where the future of the country really is at stake, the eyes of the country are watching these two races very carefully and President Trump knows what's at stake, he's coming Monday night to rally the troops, to make sure on election day we get every single Republican voter out.


If we do that, we win.

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