Good news for people who want to do good: Day 319


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Progressive groups vow to continue the fight against the tax scam

Republicans managed, in the dead of night, to pass their terrible tax scam bill through the Senate. But the fight is not over yet.

Not One Penny is targeting 22 Republican members of Congress with a massive ad blitz to hold them accountable and to try to sway them from giving the scam a final "yes" vote before it heads to Committee.

The ads, part of a seven-figure campaign targeting Representatives across the country, aim to hold Republicans in Congress accountable for their efforts to rig the system in favor of the wealthiest Americans at the expense of working people. Each ad, like this one targeting Representative Ed Royce from California’s 39th district, targets a specific Member of Congress for their vote.

The ads, which will air across twelve states, show that 36 million middle-class families would face a tax increase as a result of this disastrous proposal, that Medicare would be cut by $25 billion, and the deficit would increase by $1.4 trillion.

As Nicole Gil, executive director of Tax March, noted during a Friday night rally with Not One Penny, along with other groups and Democratic lawmakers, "What we know from the last months of work on taxes is that our activists are willing to fight, and fight until this bill is gone and buried."

"We know that American families don’t want this bill — the more they hear about it, the more they don’t like it," she continued. "We vow to fight on until this bill goes exactly where it belongs: in the garbage can."

And Elena Hung, president and co-founder of Little Lobbyists, had a message for the GOP:

"We will remember this vote in 2018."

ACTION ALERT: Keep up the tax scam resistance!

Now is not the time to give in — now is the time to fight even harder against this atrocious tax scheme.

If you need a little motivation, Indivisible's Twitter feed is a great place to look. Get inspired, get energized, and get to organizing — find an event in your area or host one yourself with help from Not One Penny.

Majority of Americans disagree with the Trump administration's attacks on birth control

For months, the Trump administration has been coming for your birth control, and for Obamacare's contraception mandate, by insisting that it's just too controversial to remain intact.

But once again, the White House is flat wrong, and the American people disagree with these attacks in vast numbers.

A new survey shows that 71 percent of the country supports the contraception mandate, and a whopping 96 percent said they support people having access to quality, affordable birth control.

Oh, and 77 percent specifically said that they did not consider birth control to be a controversial issue. Sorry, Trump.

These numbers are in line with previous polling on the subject, and clearly are not going to be changed by the administration's all-out attack on reproductive rights.

People want to be able to control their own bodies, and they sure don't want to let Trump have any say in the matter. And so ...

ACTION ALERT: Speak up for birth control!

There is still time to submit public comment against the Trump administration's attacks on birth control. If you think an individual's bodily autonomy outweighs an employer's so-called "moral objection" to your health care, then it is time to make your voice heard.

You have through Tuesday, Dec. 5, to make your voice heard, so head over to the Department of Health and Human Services website and tell Trump and his cronies to keep their hands off your birth control!


Thanks to the cruelty of the Trump administration, the lives of DREAMers are hanging in the balance. So it's time to tell your lawmakers that you demand a #DREAMActNow!

Use the DREAM Act toolkit to find your lawmaker's contact information and tell them to pass a clean DREAM Act with no compromises and no hidden agendas.

11 major victories against the Trump administration

If you're feeling a little demoralized or dejected, it's completely understandable — it has been a rough week, in nearly a full year of rough weeks.

But remember: the resistance has shown its might, and has had a number of crucial victories in the ongoing battle against Trump and his right-wing cronies.

Writer, historian, and activist Rebecca Solnit knows how dark these times can seem, but she also wants us all to keep hope alive by reflecting and building on what we've achieved together.

From the emergence of new grassroots leaders like Indivisible, to the multiple losses of Trump's Muslim ban in the courts, to the special counsel's investigation which continues to gather steam as it heads right toward the White House, to the growing list of progressive election wins and what they mean for 2018, there is still a lot to hold onto, no matter what Trump and the GOP try to do.

Work both inside and outside electoral politics matters, as do campaigns to transform the party into something more progressive and more accountable now being undertaken by many magnificent young organizers. Insiders and outsiders both have roles that matter.

Independent activists on issues like abortion or immigrant rights can define the debate and raise the issues before decisions are made inside the political system. We are in the midst of a host of battles over the fate of the nation and the earth, and the outcome is in no small part up to us. The results over the past year show that sometimes we win, if we try.