Good news for people who want to do good: Day 335


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Welcome to your daily roundup of good news about good people, how you can help make a difference — and a picture of President Obama to get you through the day.

EMILY's List announces latest amazing numbers: 25,000 women are interested in running for office in 2018

Talk about good news: one story that just keeps getting better and better is the number of women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work in the political arena.

Wednesday, EMILY's List announced that over 25,000 women have contacted their organization since the 2016 presidential election, seeking information about or assistance with running for office. And over 8,000 people have signed up to help them out.


2017 was "a difficult year for women in this country," the organization's president, Stephanie Schriock, noted in a statement.

"We watched the president, two press secretaries, and dozens of White House officials lie to Americans on a daily basis. We saw an entire political party betray their constituents in order to line the pockets of their wealthy donors," she added.

"We listened to countless women bravely share their stories of sexual harassment and assault, whose voices launched a movement."

And in response to all of this, women have not been silenced or demoralized. They've been energized.

"Rather than back down, women marched, resisted, and took action," Schriock continued. "These women will be the new face of politics and of power in this country."

2018 is right around the corner, and so is a major opportunity to make some serious strides back toward a country that works for everyone, that respects everyone, and that makes us all proud.

As Schriock declared, "Our New Year's resolution here at EMILY's List? To help this wave of women win​​ – ​and change the world."

New Jersey Gov-elect will fight to expand voting rights

Democratic Gov.-elect Phil Murphy has already set a big task for New Jersey's next secretary of state: defend and expand voting rights.

Oh, and protect them from that "lunatic from Kansas" — you know, the voter suppression crusader whom Trump and Pence decided to put on their laughably titled "Election Integrity Commission."

"We want to open democracy up," Murphy declared while introducing Passaic County freeholder Tahesha Way as his pick for secretary of state.

This includes automatic voter registration, online registration, and  giving former felons the chance to exercise their right to vote once again.

For Way, a black woman, the right and ability to vote is personal.

Way "recalled her father’s childhood in North Carolina, where she said he walked five miles to school each way, and white students 'would jeer' from their buses as they drove past him."

"He realized that his right to vote could make change," she said.

And New Jersey's incoming governor agrees.

Democrats are the preferred party for a whole lot of Americans in 2018

The country has now had almost one year of living under the Trump administration and a Republican-controlled Congress.

And now they're ready for Democrats to take back control.

As one New York Times reporter put it succinctly:

"2018 election status: Bloodbath."

ACTION ALERT: Make sure you're registered to vote!

Voting is your right, and it's your voice in the political sphere.

So make sure you're ready to get loud the next time Election Day rolls around in your area. Head to to find  out how and where to register in your state, and what requirements you may need to meet.

The Obama legacy book gets a new entry in Colorado

President Barack Obama's name will hold a key place in history for generations to come, and his legacy will be seen in many aspects of our society.

And Colorado just added one more.

The Colorado Democratic Party's annual dinner, formerly known as the "Jefferson-Jackson Dinner," will now be called the "Obama Dinner."

The party's executive director Pilar Chapa said the change was to recognize the "historic contributions" of both President Obama and Michelle Obama, including their work on health care, climate change, and support for children and military families.

"The Obama legacy embodies the values we hold as Democrats, and we are beyond proud to rename our annual dinner after our former first family," Chapa declared.

As the party's spokesman, Eric Walker, put it: "Damn right."

ACTION ALERT: Make a call for DREAMers!

The approach of the new year also means time is running out to get a clean DREAM Act passed and save the livelihoods of thousands of young undocumented immigrants across the country.

DREAMers and activists have been getting arrested while asking Congress to do its job — so it's on all of us to step up in their defense.

Visit where you can enter your phone number and be automatically connected to Congress, and tell them we need a DREAM Act now!

Just try to watch this video of Barack and Michelle's first White House Christmas address without grinning

Things are tough these days, let's be honest. But there is always — always — something good to be found. Two people who embody that belief better than anyone are Barack and Michelle Obama.

And sometimes, that good thing is an adorable video of them filming, or trying to film, their first White House Christmas message.

President Obama had a serious case of the giggles, and we dare you to watch this without catching it yourself.