Good news for people who want to do good: Day 330


News you actually want to know, and what you can do to make a difference.

Welcome to your daily roundup of good news about good people, how you can help make a difference — and a picture of President Obama to get you through the day.

Sen. Ed Markey wants to save the internet

On Thursday, the FCC voted to end net neutrality, allowing corporations to censor the internet and charge consumers based on which parts of the internet they use. But the fight isn't over. Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey is introducing a resolution to undo the disastrous decision and protect the free and open internet.

"Congress can correct the Commission’s misguided and partisan decision and keep the internet in the hands of the people, not big corporations," Markey said in a statement. "Our Republicans colleagues have a choice - be on the right side of history and stand with the American people who support net neutrality, or hold hands with the big cable and broadband companies who only want to supercharge their profits at the expense of consumers and our economy."

ACTION ALERT: You can help save the internet

Congress has the power to reverse the disastrous FCC decision, but it's up to us to let Congress know that's what the American people want. The ACLU is promising to fight every step of the way, and you can do your part to help. Add your name here to tell Congress to reverse the FCC's decision and keep our internet open and free.

Resistance works!

Donald Trump has made a bad habit of nominating the most radical and unqualified people for important positions he can possible find. That's especially true of his judicial nominations, which are particularly dangerous because those are lifetime appointments that will have an impact long after Trump leaves office.

But thanks to enormous pressure from the grassroots, two of his nominees withdrew their names from consideration. It's a great victory for the judiciary and the country — and it's proof that resistance works.

ACTION ALERT: Today is your last day to sign up for health care

Friday — that's today — is the last day of open enrollment for health insurance. It's easy to find plans in your area at Make sure you and everyone you know will be covered in 2018.

Indivisible storms Capitol Hill to stop the tax scam

The amazing people of Ozark Indivisible traveled all the way from Arkansas to Capitol Hill to tell their members of Congress vote no on the Republican tax hike on the middle class.

But they weren't alone. Indivisible groups from all over the country were protesting, singing "This Land Is Your Land," and even getting arrested (and later released).

 Boone County Indivisible, Arkansas
Boone County Indivisible, Arkansas

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf stands up for abortion rights

There's a terrible and dangerous bill making its way to the governor's desk in Pennsylvania. The bill would ban abortion at 20 weeks, in almost all cases. It would also make it a felony for doctors to perform such abortions.

It has passed the Republican-controlled legislature, pushed by two Republicans who are — surprise! — looking to run against Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf in next year's election and hoping to put him in an awkward position on this terrible bill.

But Wolf isn't taking the bait. He has promised to veto the bill, calling it "the most extreme anti-choice legislation in the country" and "an assault on the doctor-patient relationship by politicians without medical or health expertise."

Fortunately for the women of Pennsylvania, there are likely not enough votes to override Wolf's veto, which means their access to safe, legal abortion will remain intact and their doctors won't be imprisoned for providing medical care.