GOP attack on Sen. Claire McCaskill accidentally makes her look awesome


They wish they had a record of victory as good as Sen. Claire McCaskill's.

On Wednesday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) tweeted about Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO). But while they meant it to be derogatory, it came off as a compliment.

By citing all the offices McCaskill has run for, the NRSC ended up emphasizing the fact that McCaskill is a successful leader. With the exception of the governor's race in 2004, McCaskill won every single election the NRSC cited.

The NRSC's tweet immediately drew mockery on social media.

"So, is this you saying successful women scare you?" tweeted one user.

"Ummmm ok? Politician runs in multiple elections and wins and therefore keeps running. What's the point?" wrote another.

"Thanks for this. We need more strong women like Claire McCaskill to dedicate themselves to public service for decades. Hopefully young women will be inspired to follow her lead," yet another said.

Republicans have been itching for a rematch against McCaskill ever since their 2012 nominee against her, former Rep. Todd Akin, went down in flames for saying "legitimate rape" survivors do not get pregnant.

But so far, their current candidates are just as much of a disaster.

One, former prosecutor Courtland Sykes, drew fire after he called feminists "she-devils" with "snake-filled heads." He was endorsed by disgraced Alabama ex-judge and alleged pedophile Roy Moore, for which he said he was "deeply honored."

Another, state attorney general Josh Hawley, was caught on tape telling a roomful of religious leaders that the "sexual revolution" of the 1960s is responsible for sex trafficking.

Senate Republicans want to take McCaskill to task rather than defend their record of their own candidates. But McCaskill is such a dedicated and plainly successful public servant that they cannot even do that.