GOP shuts down Congress to silence kids protesting family separation


When children gathered on the floor of the House to stand up against Trump's attack on families, Republicans couldn't handle it — and shut the whole place down.

Republicans in Congress shut down a Wednesday morning session when children were brought to the floor of the House to highlight the Trump administration's inhumane policy of family separation.

Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL) said the demonstration was planned so Speaker Paul Ryan and the rest of the House Republicans could "look into these kids faces" while refusing to stop the attack on families.

The incident occurred during the morning debate period, when members are allowed to address their colleagues on pressing topics.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and some of his colleagues brought several children to the House floor to demonstrate opposition to the Trump policy.

While members are traditionally allowed five minutes to make their case, Gutierrez's time was cut short and he was deemed out of order for engaging in a "breach of decorum."

The congressman continued to speak, and the House was quickly declared in recess. As a result, C-SPAN's cameras were cut off.

In his speech, Gutierrez said America is living through a "tragic moment," thanks to Trump and his party's harsh treatment of immigrant families.

But he said he was "proud to be an American" as he watched average citizens "standing up for moms and dads."

After the shutdown, Gutierrez slammed Republicans for their cowardice.

"Republicans shut down the floor early and cut it off rather than let us speak about Trump's policy of taking children from their parents," he wrote.

Republicans have refused to hold Trump accountable for his horrendous policy of taking children from their parents. Republican senators have refused to sign on to legislation that would stop family separations, even though every member of the Democratic caucus backs the bill.

And House Republicans chose to shut down debate rather than face children who are standing up against the Trump administration's terrible policy.

Republicans might be able to shut off the cameras in Congress, but they can't control the fury outside and throughout the country. Their attempt to silence those speaking out inside the Capitol simply highlights their complicity in the shameful behavior.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.