GOP congressman accidentally honors Nazis in D-Day tweet


A Republican congressman wanted to show his respect for the fallen at D-Day, but the picture he used featured Nazis.

A Republican congressman used images of Nazis in a tweet commemorating the anniversary of D-Day.

Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA) posted a quote from President Harry Truman but accompanying that was a photo of German soldiers lying in the grass. Superimposed over the soldiers was the text "June 6, 1944 Honoring Our Heroes Who Served To Hold Our Flag High."

Ferguson deleted the tweet after his insulting and embarrassing mistake was pointed out to him:


On D-Day, American soldiers, along with the Allies, landed on the beaches of Normandy. The goal of the invasion was the liberation of France from the Nazis and the ultimate defeat of Adolf Hitler and the genocidal Nazi regime.

The U.S. National D-Day Memorial Foundation has catalogued that 2,499 American soldiers died battling on D-Day.

Ferguson has been a staunch ally of Trump and has voted with him 97 percent of the time in Congress. Ferguson was one of several signatories to a letter nominating Trump for a Nobel prize.

Trump infamously described the Nazi protesters who assembled in Charlottesville, Virginia, as "very fine people," and has repeatedly indulged Nazis and racists.

Republicans recently elected one of those pro-Nazi rioters to office in Washington.

Corey Stewart, a Republican Senate candidate in Virginia, was recently revealed to have described a white supremacist as his "personal hero."

Ferguson represents Georgia's 3rd Congressional District. In the fall election, he will face the Democratic nominee Chuck Enderlin.

Republicans continue to associate themselves with racists, white supremacists, and Nazis. The casual connection appears to have now leaked over into remembrances of D-Day, when America took its biggest stand against Nazism.