GOP congressman indicted for spending campaign cash on mistresses now accused of assault


A former congressional aide told CNN that indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) groped her without consent in 2014.

California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter's troubles just keep intensifying.

The already indicted Republican lawmaker was just hit with new allegations from prosecutors this week that he illegally used campaign cash to carry out affairs with multiple women. And now, another woman has come forward to accuse Hunter of sexual assault.

Rory Riley-Topping, who worked as a staff director on a House Veterans Affairs subcommittee, told CNN that Hunter grabbed her buttocks at a bar in Washington, D.C., back in 2014.

"Duncan Hunter had told me that he wanted to talk to me about Agent Orange, which is an issue the committee was dealing with at the time," Riley-Topping told CNN. "I politely said, 'Great. I'll get in touch with your staff.' And he kind of leaned in and said, 'No, I want to talk to you about it,' and had reached over and pulled himself in very close with his hand on my behind."

Riley-Topping told two former colleagues and her now husband about Hunter's behavior at the time of the incident, but Runyan did not appear to return CNN's request for comment.

The allegation against Hunter is the latest negative news story to hit the GOP lawmaker.

On Monday, federal prosecutors filed a document with a federal court in California describing in detail the multiple affairs Hunter allegedly carried out with congressional staffers and lobbyists, on whom he illegally spent campaign cash on for vacations, date nights, and transportation to and from their apartments.

Earlier this month, Hunters wife changed her plea in the couple's initial indictment on illegal use of campaign funds from not-guilty to guilty. It was a move that could endanger Hunter's own defense, as Hunter is accused of conspiring with his wife to illegally spend campaign cash for personal expenses.

Hunter still maintains his innocence but is attempting to use a ridiculous claim of political bias to get the case against him thrown out.

Yet no matter what happens, Hunter's reputation as a "family values" Republican has been completely and utterly annihilated.

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