GOP congressman finally calls out one of Trump's many pathetic lies


Trump is a serial liar who lies about nearly everything under the sun, and his fellow Republicans usually let him get away with it. But not this time, when it's about them.

A fellow Republican has finally called out Trump for lying, publicly refuting his bogus story and calling out his "pettiness and insecurity."

On Twitter, the liar in chief claimed that during a meeting with House Republicans Tuesday night, they "applauded and laughed loudly" when he remarked on outgoing Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC).

But that isn't what happened.

At the meeting, Trump mocked Sanford, who lost his primary last week to Kate Arrington. A major part of Arrington's campaign was playing up Sanford's negative comments about Trump.

Trump asked if Sanford was there and said he wanted to "congratulate him on running a great race." His comment went over poorly in the room.

Reporter Jake Sherman of Politico wrote, "Room goes silent. Trump then called him a nasty guy and the room booed, a bit."

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) told another reporter the comment "made me mad as hell."

On Wednesday, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) called out the pathetic lie on Twitter.

"House Republicans had front row seats to @POTUS’s dazzling display of pettiness and insecurity," Amash wrote. "Nobody applauded or laughed. People were disgusted."

Trump lies all the time. He lies about things large and small.

He lied about President Barack Obama's birth certificate. He lied about the ratings for his television show. He lied about being beaten in the popular vote by Hillary Clinton.

More often than not, when Trump is saying something, he is lying.

Amash called out one of the countless lies, likely because Amash didn't appreciate the lie about him and his fellow Republicans.

But Amash and his colleagues have usually given their leader a pass when he lies about everyone else.

They allowed this to flourish, and now have to deal with the fallout.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.