Nervous GOP congressman tries to hide his perfect NRA rating


Rep. Mike Bishop is a reliable vote against gun control. He no longer seems proud of it.

Two-term congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI) enjoys a stellar rating and financial support from the National Rifle Association. But all of a sudden, he does not want to talk about that.

According to the Detroit News, Bishop has scrubbed any mention of his historical A (and even A+) rating from the NRA, as well as his positions on guns and the Second Amendment, from his campaign website.

Unfortunately for Bishop, the internet is forever. An archived version of his website touts his NRA rating.

Bishop can delete details from his website, but not from his record. He opposes an assault weapons ban. He has supported "shall-issue" laws that prohibit police from using discretion in approving gun permits. He cosponsored the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would force states with restrictive gun laws to recognize permits from out of state. And he has opposed allowing cities in his state to sue gun manufacturers or dealers if they sell or market guns irresponsibly.

But Bishop has been facing outrage from his constituents over his stance against gun control, including at a recent town hall.

He might also be worried about his general election chances. Cook Political Report recently downgraded Michigan's 8th Congressional District from "Likely Republican" to "Lean Republican." He faces a strong Democratic challenger in former CIA agent Elissa Slotkin, who enjoys strong support and resources from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In fact, Bishop seems determined to scrub anything that represents his Republican positions from his site in general. He also removed passages detailing his support for anti-union "right-to-work" restrictions, opposition to abortion rights, and his stance against immigrants.

But he certainly has good reason to regret his NRA credentials in particular. After years of seeming invincibility, the gun lobbyist group is in a full-blown PR nightmare, with sponsors bailing on partnerships and polls showing dismal public support.

NRA figures taunting the Parkland shooting survivors and claiming they are the real victims of mass shootings do not help matters.

Finally, Bishop fears consequences for siding with the gun lobby. And too little, too late, he wants to paper over it.