GOP fundraiser at Trump property in New Jersey actually loses money


Need to lose money in NJ? Throw a fundraiser at a Trump property featuring a Fox News speaker.

New Jersey Republicans, already on the precipice of election doom come November, made the fatal mistake of combining Trump and Fox News for a recent fundraiser, and ended up paying for it.

Like so many GOP groups, the state's Morris County Republican Party held a fundraiser at Trump National Golf Club this year, at the cost of $24,000.New Jersey Republican also paid out $30,000 for Fox News host Greg Gutfeld to be the evening's speaker.

Trump properties across the country have been flooded with Republican money as organizations try to make ties to him. But the whole night turned out to be a bust, with Morris County Republicans ending the night $6,000 in the red.

The event flopped even though Republicans held out the possibility Trump might attend.

"At the February fundraiser, Republicans teased potential donors with the idea that President Trump would attend as a surprise guest — even asking for social security numbers in advance, something that would suggest a presidential appearance," the New Jersey Globe reported.

New Jersey Republicans cannot afford fundraising flops this year. Looking ahead, not one but two Morris County congressional seats are in danger of being flipped by Democrats.

In the 11th District, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen has already announced his retirement, and this race has been tagged as a "toss-up." And in the 7th District, Rep. Leonard Lance faces a tough re-election campaign. In 2016, both Frelinghuysen and Lance cruised to easy re-election wins.

In truth, every Republican in New Jersey faces a tough campaign this year.

With Trump widely despised, and voters just getting over the eight-year fiasco that was Chris Christie's run in the governor mansion, recent polling suggests if everything goes wrong for the GOP in November, the entire New Jersey House delegation next year could end up being Democratic.

Teaming up with Trump and Fox News might be the perfect way for the GOP to lose the Garden State.