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GOP leader whines because Democrats refused to let Trump yell at them

Republicans are happy to put up with Trump’s tantrums, but Democrats aren’t having it.

By Oliver Willis - January 16, 2019
Steve Scalise

Minority Whip Steve Scalise, the second-highest Republican in the House, is whining that Democrats won’t waste time listening to Trump yell at them about his useless border wall.

“First Nancy Pelosi holds paychecks for federal workers hostage,” the Louisiana congressman tweeted Wednesday, “and now she holds ‘moderate’ Democrats hostage to her open borders agenda by not letting them go to the White House to find a solution that opens the government and secures the border!”

Scalise’s complaint was in response to the latest humiliation for Trump, who invited congressional Democrats to the White House in the hopes of dividing Democrats, who are unified in wanting to reopen the government without giving Trump $5 billion to build a wall.

But every single Democrat refused his invitation.

Instead, Trump had to sit down with his fellow Republicans, who are being dragged down with him by a public that clearly rejects both the wall and shutting down the government over it.

When Democratic leaders met with Trump last week to discuss ending his shutdown — now the longest in U.S. history — he threw a tantrum and stormed out after a mere 30 minutes.

Scalise apparently thinks congressional Democrats should waste more time watching Trump melt down about his wall.

But his complaint is especially hypocritical, considering he is part of the Republican operation keeping the government closed. He has voted against the Democratic bills introduced in the House that would reopen the government and help thousands of employees finally get their paychecks.

That’s the kind of duplicity one might expect from a politician who infamously addressed a white supremacist rally and compared himself to a former grand wizard of the KKK, saying he is “like David Duke without the baggage.”

Now Scalise is helping Trump keep the government shut down, denying paychecks to hundreds of thousands of workers. And he has the gall to claim, falsely, that it’s the fault of Democrats.

In reality, Trump and his fellow Republicans are losing the fight over the shutdown, and it isn’t even close.

Now, increasingly desperate to find a way out of the mess they’ve made for themselves, they’re trying to pin it on Democrats, who have offered a way out.

But Republicans leaders like Scalise aided are standing firmly with Trump, instead of the American people who want them to end this shutdown. And whining on Twitter about it isn’t going to help them.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.

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