GOP lawmaker who brags of 'conservative values' quits as sex abuse investigation launches


Conservative GOP lawmaker Brandon Hixon was elected touting his conservative values and opposition to Democrats like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Now he has resigned as an investigation into sexual abuse has emerged.

Idaho state Rep. Brandon Hixon abruptly resigned his position, just as reports emerged that he was under investigation for allegations of sexual abuse. Hixon argued that "traditional family values are the foundation of our nation" while campaigning for his seat.

A legal document regarding the jurisdiction of Hixon's case by the state attorney general indicated that "sexual abuse allegations" are involved.

The Associated Press also obtained records that show Hixson was under investigation in 2014 after he was accused of inappropriate touching while babysitting someone. Police records show that at the time of the allegations, Hixon was concerned about how his political career would be affected.


On his campaign website, which has now been scrubbed from the internet, Hixon bragged about his conservative credentials.

He wrote that had been "fighting for, and upholding our conservative values for over 7 years now," highlighting his experience "holding various leadership positions within the Republican Party."

Like many other Republicans, Hixon touted his support for cutting taxes, fighting against "federal orverreach," and sponsoring "critical 2nd Amendment gun rights protection legislation." He earned an "A" rating from the NRA.

Hixson called himself "a voice in the fight against abortion" and opposed marriage equality.

He even highlighted that he "fought for food stamp reform." The topic has been hot button issue among conservative media like Fox News, which has often sought to demonize food stamp recipients while pushing Republicans to restrict that form of help.

Hixon echoed many national conservatives, tying his local race to national politics. He proclaimed, "If you do not want Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid politics in this State, vote Brandon Hixon."

Before his legal troubles, Hixon had support from the Idaho Republican political establishment. His campaign was endorsed by Gov. Butch Otter, who said Hixon was "a vibrant young conservative." He was also supported by Iowa Speaker of the House Scott Bedke.

Now, Hixon joins the ranks of other conservative lawmakers who have been tainted by scandal, despite their self-professed superiority under the mantra of "traditional family values" espoused by so many on the right.