GOP tries to make money by blaming Democrats for GOP election fraud


Republicans got caught trying to steal an election in North Carolina, but now they're blaming Democrats for the mess they created — and they're trying to raise money off it.

After North Carolina Republicans were caught committing election fraud to win a Congressional race, the party is now trying to blame Democrats for what happened — and hoping they can make money off the situation in the meantime.

In a fundraising email signed by the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, Dallas Woodhouse, the party is attempting to solicit money for the upcoming race in the states' 9th Congressional District.

"Democrats have succeeded in getting the results of last fall's Republican victory in the 9th district thrown out," Woodhouse wrote.

He went on in the letter to say donations are needed to "send reinforcements to DC for President Trump, and strike a blow to Nancy Pelosi and the socialist opposition."

But his retelling of the events that unfolded in North Carolina is a lie.

For the first time in 44 years, the board of elections declined to certify the result of the election because it became clear that an operative working for Republican Mark Harris had illegally harvested absentee ballots and tipped the scales in favor of his client.

Despite endless, evidence-free complaints from Republicans about "voter fraud" over the years, their own party carried out election fraud and nearly stole a seat in the House of Representatives. Until they got caught.

Woodhouse himself was one of the prominent figures in North Carolina who, when confronted with the overwhelming evidence Republicans stole the race, relented and called for a new election.

But in his new fundraising email, alongside standard-issue scaremongering about socialism and Democratic candidates, the party leader just flat-out lies about the mess that occurred under his own leadership.

Republicans got caught trying to steal an election, and now, while making a tawdry appeal for money to win it in the second go-round, they are lying about what caused the mess in the first place.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.