GOP platform's one and only policy is supporting everything Trump does


The Republican Party declined to create a new platform, instead listing its only goal as 'enthusiastically' supporting Trump's agenda.

On Sunday, the night before the Republican National Convention kicked off, the GOP announced it did not create a new platform laying out the party's goals and policy positions; instead it listed its only major goal as supporting Donald Trump and whatever he decides to do should he win a second term.

Citing its decision to scale back its convention due to the COVID-19 pandemic — which has led to more than 176,000 American deaths under Trump — the Republican National Committee said that it "unanimously voted to forego" the creation of a new platform for 2020.

Instead, it issued a resolution stating, "That the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda."

Of course, Republicans have had months, if not years, to craft a new party platform.

Democrats share their platform on July 21. The 92-page document — which includes everything from the Democratic stance on guns to health care to climate change — was adopted at the Democratic National Convention last week.

But back in June, Republicans voted not to create a new platform, leaving in place its 2016 agenda.

Trump commented on the lack of a new platform at the time.

"The Republican Party has not yet voted on a Platform. No rush. I prefer a new and updated Platform, short form, if possible," Trump tweeted on June 12.

The party delivered, issuing a one-page document saying it didn't make a new platform and will support anything Trump does, and it attacked the media, saying it "continues to engage in misleading advocacy for the failed policies of the Obama-Biden Administration, rather than providing the public with unbiased reporting of facts."

The Trump campaign later released its own 2020 agenda that included big promises but zero details on how it would achieve those things.

Trump promised to "create 10 million jobs in 10 months" and "create 1 million new small businesses."

However, as of the end of July, nearly 18 million Americans were out of work, leaving the unemployment rate at a staggering 10.2%. Creating 10 million jobs in 10 months would mean that in almost a year, the economy still would not be back to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels.

Heading into the GOP convention, Trump trails Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by 9.2%, according to FiveThirtyEight's national polling average.

The party convention will seek to convince voters to back Trump. The FiveThirtyEight polling average shows Biden currently has more than 51% of the vote, or a majority of the country.

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