GOP rep flakes on his constituents at July 4th parade after holding zero town halls


Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) is so afraid to face his constituents that he even blew off a Fourth of July parade.

After Republicans in Congress adjourned amid their failure to pass the horrific, Medicaid-busting Senate health care repeal bill, lawmakers in both chambers have continued their ongoing trend of ducking town halls and avoiding their constituents.

Minnesota Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen, however, took his phobia of facing voters one step further.

Not only has Paulsen refused to schedule one town hall in the new recess, he even blew off a scheduled appearance at the Fourth of July parade in Edina.

Paulsen's spokesman, writing to WCCO-TV, explained the congressman felt no pressure to attend because it was an "off-year," as if honoring America's independence and liberty is something only matters during elections — and completely skimming over the obvious, policy-related reason his constituents might want to see him.

After Paulsen failed to show up, local protestors affiliated with the grassroots progressive organization Indivisible took his place in the lineup and marched to remind everyone in Edina of their representative's conspicuous absence:

Paulsen is not the only lawmaker to shy away from celebrating the Fourth of July with constituents. Many GOP senators are also keeping out of sight.

Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia declined to join her Democratic colleague Joe Manchin at Fourth of July celebrations, and Cory Gardner of Colorado opted to shoot off fireworks at his private residence in Yuma without going to any public festivities.

If Republicans are now so terrified to defend their policies to their voters that they will no longer even celebrate our country with them, it is time for them to admit they have no place in American leadership.