GOP senator turns on Sessions: 'Jeff, you need to tell us everything you know about Russia'


Attorney General Jeff Sessions' repeated lies and evasion are starting to alienate his own allies, as Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham made clear he is tired of the dishonesty.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been asked on multiple occasions about his communications with Russians agents, and he has lied under oath each time.

And now it's not only Democrats demanding the truth out of him — one of his prominent Republican colleagues is clearly fed up with the persistent dishonesty, as well.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham made it clear to Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that it's high time for Sessions to come back before the appropriate congressional committees and finally tell the whole truth.

"Do you believe that Sessions needs to come back before Congress and correct the record on his testimony?" Wallace asked Graham.

"Well, this is getting a bit old with Jeff Sessions," Graham conceded. And while he declared that he liked Sessions, he was also very plain about his frustration with his colleague's mendacity on such a crucial issue.

"Jeff, you need to tell us everything you know about Russia," Graham stated forcefully. "So yeah, he probably should come back and answer the question, yet again — 'Did you know anything about an effort by the Trump campaign to meet with Russia, not just collude with Russia?'"

And when Wallace asked if Graham still had "full confidence in Jeff Sessions as attorney general," Graham was pointedly noncommittal.

"I have confidence in Jeff that he can adjust his policies," Graham said, noting that without such adjustment regarding focusing on capturing terrorists rather than doing Donald Trump's bidding and attacking political opponents, "I will lose that confidence."

"We missed two opportunities to hold two terrorists as enemy combatants to gather valuable intelligence about the war on terror, and we blew it," Graham said bluntly, adding, "and I hold the people at the Department of Justice and Department of Defense accountable for that."

Sessions has perjured himself regarding his contacts with Russia during the presidential campaign on at least three separate occasions: at his confirmation hearings in January; during testimony in June before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; and again in October, this time before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation gets closer and closer to Trump's inner circle — and possibly Trump himself — more of the facts will start to come out.

It would behoove Sessions to start being honest with Congress and the American people now, before he ends up at the top of Mueller's long list.