GOP senator's favorite PAC caught admitting they want to jail women for having abortions


A conservative group with financial ties to more than 100 Republican members of Congress is pushing to have women jailed for having abortions.

A conservative group that has bankrolled dozens of GOP campaigns, and has the full-throated support of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, is now pushing for women who have had abortions to be put in jail.

The National Pro-Life Alliance, an anti-abortion organization, sent an email to supporters complaining that current laws do not send women to prison for exercising their legal right to a medical procedure.

Martin Fox, president of the organization, compared women taking the legal RU-486 medication to induce abortions with women using meth, calling the medication "a get out of jail free card."


As a remedy, Fox argued that the Alliance and other anti-abortion activists must "ultimately succeed in our crusade to overturn Roe v. Wade."

Paul has sent fundraising pleas on the group's behalf, looking for money to induce members of Congress to back his so-called "personhood" legislation. The backers of these bills seek to do an end-run around the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, declaring fertilized eggs as persons, effectively banning abortion and even some forms of contraception.

Paul has proposed legislation conforming to the Alliance's demands during his time in the Senate, and the financial appeal shows that he is firmly in their camp.

Support from Paul alone has brought in thousands of dollars for the Alliance, which it has distributed to over 130 members of Congress to enlist them in its crusade against women making decisions about their own bodies and health. As a result, the Alliance has many allies in Washington to push its anti-woman agenda.

Such attacks on women's health care are far out of the American mainstream that supports abortion rights. This bizarre obsession with control over women's health goes all the way to the top of the political world. According to the Alliance, Donald Trump pledged his support to the group, and has told them that he favors a federal "personhood" bill that would deny women rights.

Outlawing abortion, and pushing to jail women who have had them, has been a part of the conservative movement's core values for some time, while ignoring or disregarding just how unpopular their agenda is in the modern United States and with mainstream voters.

But this hasn't prevented Republicans from locking arms with these groups, raising money for them, and receiving campaign cash from them, and in sympathy to their cause, hoping to turn back the clock on the rights that millions of Americans have earned.