GOP strategist calls Trump's racial slur 'fun and effective'


A Republican commentator is actually praising Trump for his disgusting racial slur at a ceremony honoring code talkers.

When Donald Trump hijacked a ceremony honoring World War II Navajo code talkers to call Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas,” he outraged Native American leaders, veterans, and activists everywhere.

But according to a number of conspicuously white Republicans, the remark was not offensive at all.

In fact, said former GOP Missouri Senate staffer and CNN pundit Ed Martin to Anderson Cooper on Monday night, Native Americans should actually thank Trump for making the ceremony "fun and effective" for his right-wing base:

COOPER: So Ed, is it appropriate for the president to make a comment like this, particularly at this event to honor Native Americans?

MARTIN: Well look I think the president is the president, right? Three quick observations, number one is the Navajo code talkers, if he hadn’t said something we probably wouldn’t be having these conversations so the purpose was to lift them up, their impressive, amazing stories. We lose more World War II vets every day than anything, so I think that’s really great ... I don’t find it offensive. I think it’s more fun and effective than anything.


Martin’s claim that a racist remark should be lauded for starting a “conversation” about a culturally sensitive event is so preposterous it almost defies words. Trump did not “lift up” the code talkers. He completely changed the subject from them, turning the ceremony into an attack on a political opponent.

This is not the first time Martin has defended Trump’s racism. He previously claimed it was OK for Trump to make racially charged comments about LaVar Ball because he has also attacked Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, and Flake is white.

As ridiculous as Martin’s arguments are, many Republicans seem to echo him. According to Igor Volsky of the Center for American Progress, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman said he will not condemn the “Pocahontas” slur because Trump’s voters probably enjoyed it.

We have now reached the point where Republicans are convincing themselves that racism will play well with the electorate. This is not leadership — and the American people cannot accept it.