GOP strategist nails Trump: 'Sitting in a fancy golf course' while Puerto Ricans are dying


Republican strategist Ana Navarro has clearly had enough with Donald Trump's callousness toward Puerto Rico, and his hypocrisy.

Donald Trump's heartlessness toward the people of Puerto Rico as they desperately try to survive in the wake of Hurricane Maria is only compounded by his hypocrisy on the subject.

As Republican strategist Ana Navarro pointed out on CNN's State of the Union Sunday morning, it's quite brazen for Trump to whine about anyone else wanting "everything to be done for them" when he himself has so often shirked responsibility and work.

"It takes such an unspeakable level of gall" for Trump to make such a claim, Navarro declared.

"This is a guy who dodged the draft, and other people went and fought that war. This is a guy who has had his properties taken out of bankruptcy by other people, including the people of Puerto Rico," she continued.

And for Trump to lash out with petty criticism from his safe and comfortable White House and Trump Tower is truly despicable.

"This is a guy who is sitting in a fancy golf course while people in Puerto Rico are dying," and while those people are lining up for hours and hours to get food and water.

Those are the people Trump labels as "wanting everything to be done for them."

Indeed, Trump — a draft dodger who received a pile of money from his dad to start out in business, and who has filed for business bankruptcy six times over his pre-pseudo-political career — has no leg to stand on whatsoever when it comes to calling others out for a perceived lack of personal responsibility.

It would be one thing to make such claims in normal times. To do so in the wake of a massive natural disaster, which has devastated the entire island of Puerto Rico — an island of American citizens — as its people struggle every moment to simply survive is utterly reprehensible.

Trump spent his cozy weekend at his golf resort launching angry tweet after tweet at the mayor of San Juan, and attacking the people there as "politically motivated ingrates."

As New York City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito put it, Trump is "out of touch" and has displayed a frightening lack of even the ability to feel empathy.

His hypocritical attacks on his constituents in Puerto Rico only drive that fact home even more.