Gratitude (one year in)


I wanted to take today to say thanks to the Shareblue Media community. It's been a lousy year, but you guys give me hope for the future.

To be honest, last year's Thanksgiving was so bleak, I'm not sure if I managed to tell my mother I was grateful for her sausage stuffing (I am, deeply and eternally). Sorry, Mom.

This year is different.

Sure, 2017 has brought us our share of national embarrassments, imminent nuclear threats, a variety of global crises, and a national reckoning of painful and systemically degrading treatment of women. But it's also brought us a torrent of unexpected and democracy-affirming victories.

We beat Obamacare repeal — three times. We stopped a racist Muslim ban and stymied most of Trump's xenophobic agenda. We denied him wins when the prospect of conservative advancement was all that was holding the Republican Party together.

We elected Democrats across the country who look like the very best of our country. The first trans woman elected to a state legislative body. Six other trans Americans in public office from coast to coast. A Liberian refugee as the first black mayor of Helena, Montana. The first woman mayors in New Orleans and Manchester. The first black woman mayor of Charlotte. The first Latinas in the Virginia state legislature. Women in their 20s and 30s who defeated entrenched Republican incumbents.

And those were because of you.

So this year I'm grateful that you didn't give up. I'm grateful for your resilience and your voices. I'm grateful for the slew of phone calls you continue to make to Congress and the crowds you produce at town halls across America. I'm especially grateful to those of you who put your bodies on the line to protest fraud in Congress and hate in our streets.

This year has taught us all what we're made of, and it turns out it's pretty tough stuff. So thank you for reminding me that America is worth fighting for — and showing you're up for the job.