Growing scandals skyrocket Trump's disapproval to record 60 percent


Fewer than five months into his scandal-ridden, do-nothing presidency, Donald Trump has hit a massive new low among the American public.

To say that Donald Trump is unpopular is not merely a turn of phrase or a biased opinion. It is borne out by the facts and the data.

With the seemingly never-ending scandals surrounding him and his administration, the greatly disliked plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the massive hit our country's standing has taken on the global stage, and so much more, it is no wonder Trump is seen in a decidedly negative light.

He has brought the disapprobation all on himself.

He has not been in office even five months, and yet the latest Gallup daily tracking poll shows a stunning new low: Fully 60 percent of the American public disapprove of Trump's job as president.


As a notable point of comparison, President Richard Nixon hit a 60 percent disapproval rating in October 1973, nearly five years into his presidency, following the Saturday Night Massacre.

And President George W. Bush hit a disapproval high of 65 percent, but it took until May 2006 to get there.

The American people are understandably repelled by Trump's love for a country that attacked our democracy, his loathing of the free press, his fixation on taking away their health care, and his almost obsessive preference for golfing over the sworn duties of the office he claimed to want.

Trump has made it clear he does not care much for how his policies, words, and actions — or lack thereof — affect the country of which he is ostensibly the leader.

And the citizens of that country are equally clear how little esteem they have for the pretender to the throne.