'Hamilton' star covers policy on Facebook better than all nightly news shows combined


In 8 minutes, "Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs provides better policy analysis than virtually every political pundit this cycle, and one-quarter of the total combined policy analysis of the three major nightly news programs.

According to Media Matters (citing the Tyndall Report), as of October 26, the three major U.S. networks' flagship nightly news programs — ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News — devoted just 32 minutes to coverage of candidates' policy issues in 2016.

That means Daveed Diggs, star of the musical Hamilton, provided 1/4 as much of their combined coverage in his irreverent but factual 8-minute Humanity for Hillary video comparing Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's records.


If that does not shame a pundit class and political media who have abandoned their duty to inform in favor of endless debates about process and "optics," it is difficult to imagine what would.

Diggs' video shows what this election should have been about all along. The fact that we need a Broadway actor to deliver a basic, policy-for-policy comparison is absurd.

And, frankly, dangerous for the future of our democracy.