'He disgraced the country!' GOP anchor blasts Trump's racist immigration rant


"This is so abnormal. This is a freakshow."

Donald Trump's characteristic racism reportedly reared its ugly head during an Oval Office meeting on immigration, so much so that Republican MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace could scarcely believe what she was reading.

According to a new Washington Post report, Trump stunned lawmakers when he went off on an unsubtle rant about immigrants from primarily black countries, while expressing a preference for immigrants from places like Norway:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to African countries and Haiti. He then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met yesterday.

That report so revolted Wallace, she had trouble even reading it aloud. After several panelists weighed in on the blatant racism Trump displayed, Wallace delivered a singeing rebuke of Trump's words, and pointed out how this reporting further exposes Trump's immigration photo op as a fraud:

WALLACE: This is so abnormal. This is a freakshow. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you disgraced the White House today by what you did to Hallie Jackson, but Donald Trump disgraced the country, if what is reported out of this meeting today is true. Let me just read it one more time, because I'm still processing. [quotes article]

So let's just talk a little bit, let's go a little deeper on what a freakin' scam the 55-minute televised immigration negotiation was.

Wallace perfectly voiced the revulsion that millions of Americans feel over Trump's constant divisiveness.

Trump's public vacillations on policy during that meeting exposed his manifest incompetence, but his private comments once again demonstrate the racism and bigotry that seems to guide all of his policies.