'He is a premier blame-gamer.' Congresswoman rips Trump's petty response to terror attack


"He has a difficult time leading," stresses Rep. Jackie Speier after Trump immediately made grossly unfounded claims blaming New York's senator for a terrorist attack.

Wasting no time in picking up his partisan, attack talking points from Fox News, Donald Trump immediately blamed local Democrats, by name, for the vehicular terror attack that claimed the lives of eight people in New York City on Tuesday.

The callous approach has now come to define Trump during times of crisis, as he cruelly lashes out at his political enemies in attempts to score points off tragedies and push his reckless agenda.

The behavior “is really quite disturbing,” lamented Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), during an interview with CNN Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday morning. “He is a premier blame-gamer. And that is not the kind of person we want leading our country.”


SPEIER: For the president to come out, lashing out again instead of trying to help the country heal and feel that we will somehow get this under control, is really quite disturbing. Again, he has a difficult time leading.

CAMEROTA: Look, here’s what he tweeted, before those tweets that I just read, "The terrorist came to our country under what is called the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit based." He’s referring to this policy, legislation, that was proposed, I think Chuck Schumer sponsored it in 1990. It was bipartisan legislation and it was signed by George H. W. Bush. But last night on Fox, Sean Hannity blamed it on Chuck Schumer — or Mark Levine who is a right-wing radio host on Hannity’s program blamed it on Chuck Schumer — and so is this where the president gets his policy ideas?

SPEIER: Well, it sure sounds like it. He is a premier blame-gamer. And that is not the kind of person we want leading our country.

Note that Camerota stressed how Trump picks up his policy pointers from completely unglued right-wing talkers, such as Sean Hannity and Mark Levine, who even in the wake of terror attacks on America soil show no hesitation in fabricating the facts.

The sad spectacle even prompted a Republican senator to fact check Trump's hateful claim that Schumer's previous work on immigration legislation had anything to do with the terror attack:

"Quite disturbing," as Speier put it, perfectly captures Trump's reckless behavior today.