'Hear, hear!' British parliament boisterously rebukes Trump for promoting reviled UK fascist


Members of the British parliament condemned Donald Trump for promoting anti-Muslim videos from a hate group, and cheered "hear, hear" to a recommendation of condemnation.

The British parliament loudly rebuked Donald Trump for promoting anti-Muslim videos produced by a hate group.

The unusual moment came just hours after Trump pushed the videos, which were created and circulated by Britain First, a far-right hate group opposed to Muslims.

MP Stephen Doughty raised a point of order and introduced the issue for discussion in the legislature. As he described what Trump had done, members of parliament could be heard describing Trump as "disgraceful."

Later, MP Yvette Cooper indicated that the video Trump retweeted were from Jayda Fransen, who "has been convicted of hate crime," and "given the significance and the seriousness of having the president of the United States giving her such a huge platform," the tweets deserved condemnation.

In response, members of the body said, "Hear, hear" in agreement.

DOUGHTY: You may not be aware, Mr. Speaker, nor others in the House, but it appears that the president of the United States has in recent moments been retweeting comments from a far-right organization —

MP: Disgraceful!

DOUGHTY: — Britain First. Highly inflammatory videos, including some posted by an individual who I believe has recently been arrested and charged related to several serious offenses. And I wondered whether you had noticed, Mr. Speaker, of any intended statement by the Home Secretary or Foreign Secretary on this very serious matter.

MULTIPLE MPS: Hear, hear. Disgraceful. […]

COOPER:  Point of order, Mr. Speaker, I understand that the woman in question has indeed already been convicted of hate crime in this country.

MP: Disgrace. Disgrace.

COOPER: And on that basis, given the significance and the seriousness of having the president of the United States giving her such a huge platform –

MP: Unbelievable.

COOPER: — does he not think it would be appropriate for us to hear some word of condemnation —

MP: Hear, hear.

COOPER: — and raising this from the Home Secretary or the Foreign Secretary?

MP: Hear, hear.

Trump has created an international incident and embarrassed the United States through his embrace of bigotry. His tweets were also condemned by Prime Minister Theresa May, as well as prominent groups both in the United States and Britain.

As former director of National Intelligence James Clapper indicated, Trump's hate tweets have also endangered lives around the world. He has incited violence against Muslims, while also bolstering a hate group.

And reports indicate that at least one of the videos is completely false, while another is extremely misleading. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended promoting fake videos, despite Trump's complaints about "fake news."

The entire episode has been a disheartening encapsulation of the rampant dishonesty and bigotry that Trump represents, with the full power of the American presidency behind it.