'He's a disgrace to the presidency.' Trump's approval plummets in deep red Georgia


A new poll shows Donald Trump is less popular in Georgia than in the country as a whole, which could foreshadow a huge electoral shift in the years to come.

Not long after getting booed at the NCAA college championship football game in Atlanta, a new poll shows Donald Trump's approval rating plummeting in Georgia.

While Trump won Georgia by five points in 2016, the latest poll numbers from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows his approval rating upside down, with only 37 percent of Georgians approving of his job performance and a whopping 59 percent expressing disapproval.

To put that in perspective, national averages show Trump's approval at 39 percent, with 56 disapproving — meaning that Trump is less popular in Georgia than in the nation as a whole.

Additionally, this survey was conducted before Trump's outrageously racist comments about "shithole countries" dominated the news for multiple days in a row.

While self-described Republicans still largely support Trump, his support among Democrats and moderates is dismal.

"He faces a solid block of opposition among Democrats — 97 percent disapprove of him — along with nearly 70 percent of voters who described themselves as moderates," according to the AJC.

Many Georgians say they're unhappy with Trump's erratic and classless demeanor.

“I think he’s a disgrace to the presidency. I’m so disgraced, ashamed and embarrassed,” Vicky Green, a 54-year-old small business owner, told the AJC. “With all the money he’s got, he’s never spent it on class. He doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.”

Even residents who are politically conservative and approve of some of the policies that Trump has enacted are still appalled by his behavior.

"I don’t think he has the stature of a president," said Stuart Siegel, a 74-year-old retiree who nonetheless approved of the Republican tax bill that recently passed.

Georgia has seen a shift in voting patterns since the 2016 election. While Jon Ossoff did not with a special congressional election in north Georgia, Democrats did flip a state senate seat that denied Republicans a super-majority in that chamber.

In both of those elections, Democrats exceeded expectations and showed that momentum and enthusiasm are clearly on their side.

Trump's erratic and troglodytic behavior seems only to be further alienating his party from the majority of voters.

With historic wins across Virginia and Alabama, this poll adds to mounting evidence that a blue wave is building across the South — and potentially sweeping in some major changes along with it in November.