Hey media, will we EVER get to see an actual Clinton supporter?


Week after week, month after month, I've asked the same question: Why are Hillary Clinton's supporters invisible to the national media?

Hillary Clinton has more enthusiastic voters than anyone in the 2016 election and yet somehow, mysteriously, all we see is interviews with Trump supporters and undecided voters.

This mass disappearing of millions of Americans is a genuine travesty. My colleague Melissa McEwan laments:

No voters have been so routinely and thoroughly ignored as her supporters, in service to a demeaning narrative about “low enthusiasm” for her candidacy.

We have been obliged to read countless thinkpieces about “the Trump voter,” admonishing us to extend empathy to them; exhorting Clinton herself to reach out to them; condescendingly explaining that they feel alienated and forgotten — even as many of them attack us and the media pretend we do not exist.

Where, one wonders, is the navel-gazing about that? It is not merely that much of the corporate media went easy on Trump and his supporters; it is also that much of the corporate media went hard on Clinton and hers.

Since the corporate media refuse to give any attention to Clinton's supporters, I'll do it here:



clinton supporters 5

clinton supporters 4

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hrc happy supporters 3

hrc supporters 58

hrc supporter 14

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hrc supporter 32

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