CLEARED: Hillary Clinton absolved by FBI for the second time


When the bombshell letter from FBI Director James Comey was released on October 28, I went out on a limb predicting it would not harm Hillary, and if anything, would motivate her supporters. I am not surprised to hear that my assessment was correct.

Here's what I tweeted when the political world was predicting catastrophe for Hillary Clinton:

That same day, I argued that Comey unwittingly handed her a gift by rallying her supporters:

The American people have a sense of proportionality. 600 days on emails to the exclusion of issues that affect their daily lives makes them more inclined to support Hillary Clinton, not less.

FBI Director James Comey may be under fire for dropping a cryptic letter about the emails 11 days before the election, but the letter is more likely than not a gift for the Clinton campaign.

Trump and the GOP are sure to overreach. The jolt of a new round of unhinged attacks against her will further energize her supporters to go to the polls. And if 600 days of relentless email coverage didn’t derail her, 10 more days won’t do it either.

Now we get this news:

A welcome development, but in my view, not a surprising one.

By contrast, Donald Trump is going to trial for fraud in three weeks. Quite a difference.