Clinton taps the power of joy


In a campaign engulfed by the bigotry and rage of Donald Trump and his surrogates, Hillary Clinton is channeling an even greater force: joy. The joy of facing adversity with courage. The joy of being alive at a historic inflection point. The joy of arriving at the end of a long and difficult journey. The joy of making a choice. The joy of overcoming.

We've heard so much about frustration and anger this cycle that we forget the other emotion driving the 2016 election, the one we see in the faces of Hillary Clinton's supporters: Joy.


joy hrc 5



joy hrc 2


joy hrc 4

joy hrc 1

hrc supporters happy

hrc supporters strong

hrc happy supporters 3

joy hrc 3

hrc happy supporters

hrc supporter 44

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joy hrc 6

The most underestimated person in the 2016 election is the Clinton supporter. And their least recognized (and most powerful) emotion: Joy. Election Day is upon us and their power will be felt.