Hillary Clinton's feat of strength obliterates months of health conspiracies


After being diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, Hillary Clinton ran a two-hour national security meeting, gave a press conference, and spent an hour and a half in the heat at a September 11 commemoration ceremony. It was an impressive feat of physical strength that obliterated months of health conspiracies.

September 11 was a wild day in campaign 2016. After Hillary Clinton overheated and became weak at a 9/11 ceremony, an ugly feeding frenzy ensued that capped weeks of increasingly shrill conspiracy-mongering about her health.

However, by the end of the day, the tables had turned on her detractors after it was revealed she was maintaining a grueling work schedule while battling pneumonia:

The rush to condemn Hillary Clinton for feeling sick rather than wishing her well was another example of her opponents trying their best to disqualify her from running because they fear she cannot be defeated on the issues.

Another day, another dramatic twist in the 2016 race.