Hillary Clinton's supporters are smiling


We've heard so much about frustration and anger this election season that we forget the other emotions driving the race. Tens of millions of Americans are choosing love over hate, hope over doom, joy over rage. These positive emotions power Hillary Clinton's supporters, who have carried her this far and will take her across a historic finish line on November 8.

Periodically, I'll browse through Hillary Clinton's Flickr page to get a perspective the corporate media refuse to provide. It's the unfiltered expressions on the faces of her supporters, expressions of pride, joy, exuberance; of confidence that love trumps hate; of conviction that we will make history on November 8, 2016.

joy hrc 2

hrc supporter 13

hrc supporter 14

happy hrc supporters 18

happy hrc supporters 15

happy hrc supporters 12

joy hrc 4

joy hrc 1


hrc supporters happy

hrc supporters strong

hrc happy supporters 3

joy hrc 3

hrc happy supporters

hrc supporter 44

hrc supporter 46

hrc smiling supporter

hrc supporters 48

hrc supporter 11

joy hrc 6

There will be millions more expressions like these on Election Day.