A force for good: Hillary's majority coalition takes shape post-election


The shock of November 8th has given way to resolve and determination. More than 60 million Americans cannot be silenced or intimidated if they work together to defend their principles — and protect one another. "Stronger Together" means even more now than it did during the campaign.

The reality of what happened on Election Day is unavoidable: The far right now dominates the U.S. government. But that doesn't mean that progressive values disappear. They are more important than ever: Compassion, inclusion, equal opportunity and justice for all.

Moral clarity demands that a Trump administration and Trump's voters uphold those core American values. Rejecting or violating them undermines everything this nation stands for.

Bad people only win when good people stop opposing them. If Trump wants to be a president for all Americans and if he wants his presidency to be seen as a success, he'll have no choice but to side with people fighting for good.

That means protecting those who can't protect themselves. It means putting conscience and empathy over self-interest. It means defending the Constitution and the liberties it affords every one of us.

Can he do that? Will he?

Hillary's millions of voters will work to make sure he does.