Homeland Security rages at airlines for refusing to help Trump


Three airlines have refused to help the Trump administration take children from their parents — and the Department of Homeland Security is furious.

Trump's Department of Homeland Security is furious with three major airlines that have now refused to play a role in Trump's abuse of children and families.

American Airlines, Frontier, and United have all said they will not allow their airplanes to be used to transport immigrant children who have been taken away from their parents and families.

"We have no desire to be associated with separating families, or worse, to profit from it," American Airlines said in a statement requesting the federal government to "immediately refrain" from using its services "for the purpose of transporting children who have been separated from their families due to the current immigration policy."

Frontier said, "Frontier prides itself on being a family airline and we will not knowingly allow our flights to be used to transport migrant children away from their families."

United said the Trump administration's family separation policy is "in deep conflict with our company's values," adding that the airline has "contacted federal officials to inform them that they should not transport immigrant children on United aircraft who have been separated from their parents."

The company also noted that it wants "no part" of the Trump administration's anti-family actions.

These statements drawing a moral line in the sand prompted a freak-out from the Trump team.

Tyler Q. Houlton, press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, went on a tirade. (Houlton answers to serial liar Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.)

Houlton said it was "unfortunate" the airlines "no longer" want to help the department to combat human trafficking and "protect the traveling public."

Houlton claimed that a "false media narrative" had fooled the airlines, echoing Trump's dishonest attempts to blame the media for changes he himself instituted.

The airlines are making a clear decision not to have their businesses associated with the inhumane act of separating children from their parents.

But even if United, Frontier, and American are merely looking out for their bottom lines, affiliating with Trump is clearly a huge loser.

Trump has made the United States an international pariah thanks to his cruelty to children.

These airlines are already part of an industry held in low regard by most consumers. But joining with Trump to hurt families could accomplish the impossible: making people hate airlines even more than they already did.

Instead, the airlines ditched Trump and put him even further out there on his own, with only fellow Republicans keeping him afloat. No wonder Trump officials are pathetically lashing out in response.

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