House GOP already trying to lawyer up for Trump's impeachment


A new job posting reveals that panicked House Republicans are preparing to defend Trump against potential articles of impeachment.

As the newly elected Democratic majority takes control of the House of Representatives, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are reportedly looking to hire a lawyer with litigation experience in anticipation of potential impeachment hearings.

According to Mike Allen of Axios, House Judiciary Republicans recently posted a listing on a Capitol Hill jobs board seeking "an attorney with several years of investigative or litigation experience."

While the job description may sound routine, a source told Allen that the requirement to have "litigation experience" stems at least in part from the expectation that the GOP may soon have to defend Trump in impeachment proceedings.

A listing that meets the description was posted late Wednesday night, according to reporter Natasha Bertrand.

Republicans have good reason to be concerned about impeachment.

On Thursday, the first day of the new Congress, Reps. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Al Green (D-TX) introduced articles of impeachment against Trump, citing obstruction of justice as the rationale.

Also on Thursday, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi told the "Today" show that she is not ruling out the possibility of impeaching Trump, but that she wants to wait until special counsel Robert Mueller finishes his investigation and releases the report.

Pelosi also said she is open to discussing the potential of indicting Trump while he is still in office.

In another move that is sure to frighten Trump and his GOP allies, Pelosi recently named top litigator and Department of Justice veteran Douglas Letter to be the new general counsel of the House of the Representatives.

In a press release announcing his appointment, Letter pointedly stated, "I am eager to apply my litigation experience as I take on the challenges and opportunities that come with the important position of House General Counsel."

And impeachment is only one part of the "hell" that Trump and his GOP allies in Congress are bracing for.

The new Democratic majority has already pledged to carry out its oversight duty by launching a slew of investigations into Trump and his administration.

Among other things, the new Congress will seek to obtain Trump's tax returns, demand accountability for ethical breaches and misuses of taxpayer dollars, and investigate everything from Trump's shady business practices to his Cabinet members' corrupt behavior.

The era of accountability has officially arrived, and unfortunately for Trump, even the best lawyer can't save him now.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.