How Trump uses Twitter to humiliate the media — and why they come back for more


A recent Gallup poll finds that "trust and confidence in the mass media 'to report the news fully, accurately and fairly' has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history." Considering the lopsided coverage of the 2016 race, with Hillary Clinton's cough receiving more attention than Trump's calls for her assassination, those numbers are no surprise.

There isn't a spectacle more pitiful in U.S. politics than the corporate media's willingness to endure daily abuse from Donald Trump — and to reward him by glossing over his transgressions and focusing fire on his rival.

Here are a few prime examples (one can only imagine the reaction if these insults came from Hillary Clinton):

Trump does this with impunity because he knows they will keep coming back for more.

"But we do cover his bad behavior," they protest. And they are right. For a day or two. But nothing he says or does ever attracts the same opprobrium, the same contempt, the same wildly obsessive reporting as Hillary Clinton's utterances.

Case in point: Trump's first invocation of Clinton's assassination, on August 9, dropped off the front pages after a couple of days. His second, on September 16, hasn't even made the top section of most major publications. By contrast, her emails have been covered for 558 out of the past 562 days in leading media outlets, including 451 consecutive days (counting back from September 15th).

No wonder Trump feels comfortable slamming the national press corps. There are simply no repercussions.