Hundreds flood Hawaii state capitol to humiliate birther Trump


As Donald Trump stopped in Hawaii on his way to Asia, protestors came out in force to show their disgust and disapproval.

When Donald Trump landed in Hawaii on his way to Asia, massive crowds of protestors were there to meet him — and their disapproval of his actions, past and present, was loud and clear.

"Hundreds of protesters ranging from schoolchildren and college students to retirees and legislators gathered in front of the state Capitol on Friday to voice their opposition to President Donald Trump," according to Honolulu's Star-Advertiser.

Even though Hawaii is famed for embracing tourists and visitors, Hawaiians were decidedly unhappy to see Trump.

"The idea of the aloha spirit is that we welcome everyone who comes here," said Kaniela Ing, a 28-year-old Native Hawaiian and member of the state's House of Representatives.

"But when there’s a leader whose whole M.O. seems to be making America a less welcoming place for whole groups of people, that’s where we need to draw the line," Ing continued. "He’s simply not welcome."

Hawaiians were particularly proud that Trump's Muslim Ban was struck down multiple times by a judge in Honolulu.

Hawaii is one of the most diverse states in the country, and Trump's regular insults of immigrants plays poorly there.

Additionally, Hawaiians are proud of their native son, President Barack Obama. Indeed, Obama is the state’s "precious local boy," said protester Susan Bruhl.

Trump's years-long racist birther campaign against Obama was seen not only as an attack on Obama himself, but on the state of Hawaii — perhaps one reason why Trump only received 30 percent of the Hawaiian vote in 2016, one of his lowest totals in the country.

Protesters weren't about to let Trump forget it, and they reminded him with a good dose of mockery:

Even those who couldn't vote were out in force protesting Trump:

The protests had "a much larger turnout than at most local demonstrations," dwarfing the dozen or so Trump supporters who gathered across the street.

And the giant inflatable Trump rooster made another notable appearance:

Trump did not respond to or even acknowledge the protestors before leaving Hawaii.

Protestor Laura Margulies sums up the feeling of not only Hawaii, but most of America: "I have no aloha for him and I don’t think the state of Hawaii does either."