I will look back with pride at how hard I've fought for Hillary


In late June 2006, Hillary Clinton interviewed me for a role as a digital media adviser. I've been a loyal advocate ever since. There is a simple reason: Her fundamental goodness as a person and her lifelong dedication to women and children shines through the instant you get past the grotesque caricature portrayed in the media.

As this wild election reaches its dramatic conclusion, I can say with pride that I've been an unabashed and unwavering Hillary Clinton advocate, fighting with every fiber of my being to help elect America's first woman president.

Along the way, I've been physically threatened, my character has been assailed, and I've been accused of the most heinous things imaginable by people who don't know a thing about me. I've been sneered at by elite media types who find my exuberant support for Hillary a little bit too eager. I've been called a shill, a hack and every other name under the sun.

I wear it all as a badge of honor. In fact, it motivates me to fight harder. It is the legacy I leave for my family.

And I'm hardly alone.

Hillary's supporters have been harassed and attacked, cursed and maligned. They have been systematically ignored and marginalized by the national media. Their passionate support has been recast as an "enthusiasm gap."

But they are undeterred, because they see in Hillary what I see: An ethical, decent, compassionate human being who has devoted her life to helping those who need it most.

I also know something many in the national media refuse to tell the public: There is not an iota of concrete proof for the myriad smears and lies she endures every day. None. It is ALL innuendo and insinuation. Every last bit of it.

The endless claims by her detractors that she is a corrupt, unethical liar are baseless, and anyone who does the research with an open mind will discover that she has been subjected to one of the greatest character assassinations of all time.

The worst you can say about Hillary is that her policies and values may not harmonize with yours. Like every other person on the planet, she has made some bad decisions and said things she regretted. But she learns, grows, and moves forward, accepting her own imperfections and doing her best to improve.

In her own words:

"Practice the discipline of gratitude. Be grateful for your limitations, know that you have to reach out to have more people be with you to support you advise you. Listen to your critics, answer the questions, but at the end, be grateful."

I'd like one of her critics to watch the video below and tell me Hillary is anything but a fundamentally good person. Go ahead...

In just a few days, Hillary's tens of millions of supporters will go from being invisible to being heroes. It's an honor to be among them.