ICE detains Army spouse on eve of Military Spouse Appreciation Day


The Trump administration began deporting the spouse of an active duty Army officer on the eve of Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

On the eve of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, it was revealed that the Trump administration is deporting a military husband as part of ongoing action immigrant families.

In a heartrending Facebook video, Army officer Tim Martin Brown explained that his husband Sergio Avila was able to stay in the United States thanks to the DACA policy put in place by President Barack Obama. But now, because of Trump’s anti-immigrant zeal, those protections are going away, and the couple has had to make alternative arrangements.

After spending “thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees,” Brown explained how his attorney told him that if the couple showed up together at their immigration appointment, ICE agents would arrest his spouse — a new tactic that has been added to the deportation arsenal thanks to Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

A deportation order issued when Brown’s husband was an eight-year-old brought to America by his uncle is now being used to justify his removal from the country.

After going through the costly immigration process, receiving assurances that his husband would not be deported and as he stresses, doing “every legal thing possible to make this work,” ICE still detained his spouse and held him when he arrived for his immigration appointment. Brown was not allowed to see his husband and instead received a phone call from him revealing that he was in custody.

“My spouse is now enroute to Honduras, which by the way is hostile to LGBTQ community,” Brown explains in the video, adding, “he hasn’t been there since he was seven or eight.”

The couple has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for their legal costs.

Brown’s video was posted on May 10, the day before Military Spouse Appreciation Day. In his proclamation recognizing the day, Trump noted “the inspirational men and women who are the foundation of our Nation’s military families.”

But in his administration’s actions against the Brown family, Trump has again shown what little true regard he has for those in the armed services and their families, who are their key support systems.

Trump has repeatedly targeted both the military and immigrant communities for the harshest treatment during his presidency, and this case has him firing at both groups with one shot.

He has embraced a hostile anti-immigrant stance in line with his own bigoted statements and backs nonsensical policies like a border wall to go along with this antagonistic attitude.

The Brown family deserves better than to be treated like this, but the callous disregard for American families is at the core of what Trump has embodied and embraced.