“If it was my daughter, I'd break his face.” GOP rep shames Trump's response to Roy Moore


A Republican finally calls out Trump's deplorable defense of an accused pedophile.

The Republicans who decided to stick by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore amid mounting allegations of stalking and sexual abuse of teenage girls are looking worse by the day — including Donald Trump, who made clear on Tuesday that he was still all in for the accused sexual predator.

But some Republicans, like Virginia Rep. Scott Taylor, are breaking with Trump and taking a harder line against Moore’s behavior.

In an interview on CNN, Taylor didn't hold back in his condemnation of Moore — and Trump’s defenses of him.

"I can tell you right now," Taylor said, "if it was my daughter, I’d break his face, I’d break his fingers, and I’d probably do a lot worse."

Me, personally, I don’t think it’s sufficient enough. You know, the fourteen-year-old girl that was there, I can tell you right now, if it was my daughter, I’d break his face, I’d break his fingers, and I’d probably do a lot worse. You know, I think the president has probably looked at rural politics, and the alternative, which would of course jeopardize his agenda in a very close Senate. Now, you know people can have their feelings about that, whether he should do it or not, but I can tell you, Alabama — folks from Alabama will choose their next Senator, but I certainly don’t feel comfortable with his explanation.

Taylor is responding to the allegations as a human, not as a Republican — and in doing so, setting an example that Trump would be wise to follow.

If Taylor and other Republicans are politically capable of coming out against a sexual predator, there is no reason why Trump should not be able to. Taking a stand against Moore should no longer be a Democratic or a Republican issue — it is an issue of basic human decency.

Trump should stop pandering and take Taylor’s lead — although for someone with Trump's history,  standing up against those accused of sexual assault may be a treacherous road to go down.