'I'm sick and tired of nothing happening': Millionaire GOP donors rattled by party's failures


Millionaires who have given money to the Republican Party are upset that Donald Trump and GOP leadership aren't being even more cruel to the American people, and are threatening to withhold donations unless things change.

Wealthy conservative donors with millions at their disposal are not satisfied with ongoing Republican attempts to hurt average Americans, and are cutting off some of their funding in protest.

Politico reports that there is a "growing revolt" among these well-heeled multimillionaires, who have been the engine behind the Republican Party's success over the years.

The Trump administration, working in concert with congressional Republicans, has installed right-wing judges at the Supreme Court and beyond, pulled back on plans to withdraw troops from the Middle East, enacted anti-woman policies on both health care and employment, while working tirelessly to enable polluters.

But for their wealthy donors, it still isn't enough — and the donors are threatening to boycott.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was confronted at a dinner party at the home of billionaire Robert Day in Los Angeles, and slammed for the party's legislative struggles.

Unified Democrats, along with two to three dissident Republicans, have prevented McConnell from enacting legislation like the planned repeal of Obamacare, which would have destroyed health insurance for millions while cutting billions from Medicaid.

Well-heeled donor Thomas Wachtell, who made his money investing in oil and gas, told Politico, "I’m sick and tired of nothing happening." Wachtell was the one who personally spoke to McConnell at the party.

The donors' quest for cruelty is seriously affecting the party's fundraising for 2018, as funds donated to the National Republican Senatorial Committee have dropped to $2 million in July and August, which is half what it brought in June when Obamacare repeal seemed possible.

Other donors have reportedly said that unless the Republican Congress passes more legislation aimed at helping the wealthy and frustrating the middle class, money for senators hoping to hold on to their seats in the midterm elections will be held back.

One donor sent an email to a GOP fundraiser threatening "no meetings, calls, contributions until we see progress."

Some of the donors are using the newly announced GOP initiative to raise taxes on the middle class while cutting them for corporations and the wealthy as a litmus test. If Republicans are unable to pass the legislation, which would hurt the economy and eventually force cuts to services like Social Security and Medicare, even more donors seem prepared to withhold funds.

Others are seeking to bankroll candidates propped up by former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and his white supremacist site, Breitbart.

Opinion polling shows that Donald Trump and the Republican agenda continue to be extremely unpopular with normal Americans, but the conservative donor class wants even more cruelty for their money.