GOP accidentally praises Schiff with sign meant to smear him at impeachment hearing


Republicans said it had been '0 days' since House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff had followed House rules.

Republican attempts to smear House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) backfired on Thursday.

In a poster GOP lawmakers displayed at the impeachment hearings into Donald Trump, they attempted to accuse Schiff of not following House rules.

However, their poster actually implied the opposite.

"0 DAYS SINCE ADAM SCHIFF FOLLOWED HOUSE RULES," read the sign, which was displayed above the dais where the committee was holding the impeachment hearings.

"Zero" days since something occurred, in fact, means that something occurred today.

Republicans have worked to make Schiff the central issue in the impeachment saga. They've lied about Schiff's role in the whistleblower complaint that launched the impeachment investigation, suggesting he knew the whistleblower and had access to their complaint prior to it being sent to Congress. Trump himself has suggested Schiff may have helped "write" the complaint, though there's no evidence to support that claim.

It is true that the whistleblower contacted Schiff's office to seek guidance on how to proceed with their concerns, however according to a spokesperson for the congressman, his office directed the whistleblower to the proper officials to file their complaint.

Trump has repeatedly hurled vicious insults at Schiff, nicknaming him "Shifty Schiff" and going so far as to call him "human scum" in a Thursday morning tweet.

Republican lawmakers made the sign during a break in Thursday's testimony with former National Security Council aide Fiona Hill and David Holmes, a foreign service officer serving in Ukraine.

Hill chastised Republicans for spouting false conspiracy theories about 2016 election interference — specifically their claim that Ukraine was to blame for meddling, rather than Russia — while Holmes described a damning phone call that ties Trump directly to the pressure campaign to get Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.

Hill's and Holmes' statements are the latest in a slew of testimony against Trump that outline his effort to persuade Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee. Previously, several other career officials testified that Trump withheld critical aid to Ukraine and conditioned a White House meeting on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's willingness to open up such an investigation.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.