In 'clusterf*** of an embarrassment,' Heritage Foundation hires Trump's former Nazi


The conservative Heritage Foundation has hired Nazi sympathizer and former Trump White House staffer Sebastian Gorka — the latest absurd move from a think tank that concocts many of the right's worst ideas.

The far right Heritage Foundation has reportedly hired Nazi sympathizer and former Trump White House staffer Sebastian Gorka, further exposing what an enormous mess the leading conservative think tank has become.

Even those working for Heritage seem to be aware that hiring Gorka makes their organization look ridiculous.

As one Heritage staffer bluntly told Washington Post columnist Daniel Drezner, the move is a "clusterfuck of an embarrassment."

"He's not an official employee though but rather he's a 'consultant' who's paid by our fundraisers to speak at donor dinners," the staffer continued. "It's still a fucking humiliation."

It was unclear during his tenure at the White House what Gorka did besides appearances on cable news to shout about how great Trump is while deriding the entire Islamic faith.

Gorka was shoved out of the administration, after which he proceeded to allege that there was a conspiracy by "forces that do not support the MAGA promise" working behind the scenes to undermine Trump.

Gorka's history of Nazi sympathizing was no hindrance to obtaining his position in the Trump administration. He was reportedly a member of an extremist Hungarian group called Vitézi Rend, which collaborated with the Nazi regime during World War II.

This is apparently not a problem for Heritage, either.

Heritage has been one of the leading centers of conservatism for decades. They have pushed an array of absurd right-wing ideas, across a spectrum of topics, from the fringes of conservative ideology into legislation. They have concocted anti-immigrant policy, health care, and energy policy among many other areas that influence the lives of millions.

Heritage has also been used as a conduit for big business to squelch scientific research in key areas, like climate change.

Ideas — no matter how ridiculous and unworkable — flow from Heritage and are dutifully repeated ad nauseum in right wing media like Fox News, and with conservative politicians within the Republican Party at the highest levels.

With Trump, Heritage has more influence than it has had in over a decade. Almost the entire Trump budget proposal, with its draconian and cruel cuts to social services, was taken from Heritage's work.

Thus hiring Gorka and putting him on the payroll despite his extremism and history of Nazi sympathies isn't out of sync for Heritage, but right in line with their long-standing mission of amplifying absurdity and bigotry.