In stunning admission, Trump adviser says GOP tax scam is “going to hurt”


Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow admitted that Senate Republicans’ tax scam is "going to hurt a lot of different people."

The Republican tax scam is careening through the Senate at an alarmingly fast pace, with zero input from their Democratic colleagues, and more extreme provisions being added on a near daily basis.

The bill is rapidly shaping up to be a disaster. And incredibly, one of the people to sound the alarm is Donald Trump's economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who had this to say about the bill’s individual income tax changes in an interview with Politico:

The individual side of this is maybe not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. But when you end the state and local deduction, because rates are still relatively high, you are going to hurt a lot of different people. So the internal logic was not good and this is not a true tax reform bill.

Kudlow, who also advised President Ronald Reagan, is not the sort of person Trump ought to be losing on taxes. He is a hardline conservative. He favors massive tax cuts.

But even he can see that is not what this bill is — in fact, it raises taxes on 87 million families by 2027, hitting the poor especially hard.

Senate Republicans need to scrap this bill and replace it with one that truly benefits a majority of Americans. Nobody buys the charade anymore — not even Trump’s own advisers.