Indiana prosecutor rips Trump for 'ghoulish' comments about killed NFL player


After trying to politicize news about a tragic drunk driving case involving an undocumented immigrant, Trump gets condemned by local prosecutor.

Denouncing the "ghoulish and inappropriate" comments Donald Trump made after Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed by an undocumented immigrant who was arrested for drunk driving, a local prosecutor hit Trump's attempt to crassly inject politics into the sad event.

“We are disheartened that ghoulish and inappropriate public commentary has politicized this tragedy,” Terry Curry said on Wednesday. He serves as Marion County prosecutor in Indiana.

Curry's office is prosecuting the case against Manuel Orrego-Savala, who had previously been deported twice to Guatemala. According to police, Orrego-Savala was intoxicated when his Ford truck plowed into the NFL player, while the Uber car he was riding in had pulled over to the side of the highway. The car's driver, Jeffrey Monroe, was also killed.


Without expressing any empathy or remorse for the two lost lives in this tweet, Trump used the tragedy to broadcast an ugly, partisan attack:

Only later did Trump send out a tweet expressing sympathies for the victims.

For Trump, the dead football player and the fallen Uber driver quickly became pawns to be used in his rhetorical campaign against undocumented immigrants, as he continues to portray them as a marauding threat.

The Indiana prosecutor condemned that as tasteless, especially in light of the two dead victims and their families.

“Much of such commentary, including tweets by the president, fails to acknowledge that both Edwin Jackson and Jeffrey Monroe lost their lives on Sunday," Curry stressed. "We will simply seek justice on behalf of the families of those two victims."

Trump's ugly, ongoing attempt to depict immigrants as criminals is undercut by years' worth of research that suggests the opposite is true.

"Several studies, conducted over many years, have concluded that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the United States, and much less likely to be in prison than those born in the United States," the New York Times reported in January.

Meanwhile, drunk driving deaths continue to be an enormous problem in the United States. And it's one Trump doesn't care about unless he can try to score political points off it.

The same day that Jackson and Monroe were killed in the Indianapolis crash, 26 other Americans likely died on the roadways from motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. That's because 28 Americans die every day that way, according to the Centers for Disease Control — more than 10,000 American fatalities each year.

But don’t look for Trump to tweet about those.