Indicted congressman who stole campaign cash blames it all on his wife


Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter has been charged with very serious crimes — so he's throwing his wife under the bus and saying it's her fault.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) was indicted this week for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his campaign to support his family's travel and other expenses — and he's blaming everyone but himself.

First, he said it's the Justice Department's fault for catching him. Hunter absurdly and very wrongly insisted that the DOJ, headed by far-right Republican Jeff Sessions, is somehow "the Democrats' arm of law enforcement," and he, like Trump, is a mere victim of partisan dirty tricks.

Now he's blaming his campaign manager and co-defendant, Margaret Hunter. Who happens to be his wife.

In a Thursday night interview on Fox News, Hunter said his wife is in charge of the money, so while she should be investigated, he is innocent.

"When I went to Iraq in 2003 the first time, I gave her power of attorney and she handled my finances throughout my entire military career and that continued on when I got into Congress," Hunter said.

"I'm gone five days a week, I'm home for two, and she was the campaign manager. So whatever she did on that, that will be looked at, too, I'm sure. But I didn't do it."

The charges against the Hunters are both serious and ludicrous. They are accused of using campaign cash on such "campaign" expenses as a family trip to SeaWorld, a shopping spree at Disneyland's Star Trader shop, 30 shots of tequila and a steak at a bachelor party, a pair of shorts that were later described as golf balls for wounded warriors, several family vacations, and a plane ticket for the family's pet rabbit.

But now Hunter says he knew nothing about any of it, and it's all his wife's fault.

Or maybe it's the fault of the Justice Department.

Or maybe it's "modern politics and modern media mixed in with law enforcement that has a political agenda."

Or maybe the congressman has been caught redhanded breaking the law, and he's desperately making up excuses for his crimes. But that will be up to a jury to decide.

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