Insecure Trump threatens nuclear war on Twitter by bragging about his 'bigger' button


Trump and his ego seem determined to drag our nation toward World War III.

Donald Trump has never been known for his emotional restraint in anything, let alone in foreign policy.

But his continued escalation with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a particularly terrifying spectacle.

Trump has repeatedly referred to the nuclear-armed strongman as "Little Rocket Man" and warned that he would be met with "fire and fury."

But in response to Kim Jong Un’s announcement on  that the "nuclear button" was on his desk, Trump let loose a truly unhinged tweet:

As is typical for Trump’s social media rants, he was motivated to blurt out his thoughts by a report he saw on cable news:

Trump’s comments are recklessly irresponsible, considering that Kim’s "nuclear button" comments were in fact part of a very rare ploy to solicit international talks.

The North Korean regime, experts believe, currently only intends its nuclear program to be a show of force to keep its own people in line through brutal subjugation, rather than to actually launch a strike on other nations.

However, there is no telling what he might do as Trump continues to recklessly bait him on Twitter.

At a moment when our country desperately needs to pull back from the brink of disaster, Trump and his ego are singularly bent on driving us over the cliff.